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Fostering an Inclusive Space

10 min
In this unit, we explore how individual actions and organizational processes contribute to creating inclusion for 2SLGBTQ+ folks at work.

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What is Inclusion?

“Inclusiveness takes diversity a step further by creating an environment where people's differences of thought and experience are actually appreciated and viewed as a business advantage.”

- Alison Grenier, Great Place to Work Canada

What is Workplace Culture?

Workplace culture includes:

  • Assumptions, values and norms widely held in an organization.
  • The basis used for decision making.
  • Beliefs that inform what a stakeholder does or does not do.

Take 3-5 minutes to reflect on each of these questions and note your answers down.

  • What are the values that drive your organization?
  • How do these values play out in your agency?
  • Are people treated differently at different levels of my organization?

Creating an inclusive workplace culture
for 2SLGBTQ+ people is broken down into two levels:

  1. Personal level: inclusion practices on an individual level.
  2. Organizational: inclusion practices for the entire workplace.

We listed a few categories of efforts workplaces should consider when trying to create a sense of inclusion for 2SLGBTQ+ peoples.

Use the reflection you completed earlier in this unit to imagine how the actions below align with your organization’s values.

Expand each section to reveal how each can be used to promote inclusion at the personal level.

Take 2-3 minutes to reflect on each of these questions and note your answers down.

  • Is diversity valued at my organization? How might I challenge this if the answer is no?
  • Are 2SLGBTQ+ people able to be out in the workplace? Am I able to help create a safe space for people to be out? If you are a part of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, do you feel like you can be out in the workplace?
  • Does your workplace have trans-inclusive policies? Are you in a position of privilege to advocate for this change?

Use your activity from the previous slide to reflect on how inclusive actions can happen within each of the categories listed below. Expand each category to reveal how inclusion can be promoted within it at the organizational level.

How does each action align with your organization's practices you identified in the previous slide?

Expand each section to reveal how each can be used to promote inclusion at the organizational level.

Things to remember:

2SLGBTQ+ inclusion happens at the personal and organizational level.

It is both personal actions and organizational changes that can truly create inclusive and equitable places for all.

Creating a culture of inclusion requires workplace culture, leadership and policies working together!

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“When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organization.”

- Pat Wadors