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About Us

Lunaria Solutions is named after the plant the Lunaria annua, also known as honesty, or annual honesty. Lunaria is an annual plant that blooms flowers in the summer and then translucent disc shapes later in the season. Our name reflects our belief that honesty and transparency are critical to helping organizations grow year after year. We weave these values through every part of our work by equipping organizations with accessible, measurable tools they can use to help DEI grow.

Our founder, Cassie Myers started Lunaria in 2018 to help create a more inclusive and equitable world. Today, Lunaria is composed of a team of diverse individuals united around a shared commitment to DEI and equipped with the expertise to do this work well.

Meet Lunaria’s Team

Cassie (She/her)

Cassie applies her academic and work experience to grow Lunaria’s mission through customer management, organizational strategy, and product development.

Sinduya (She/her)

Sinduya brings her DEI policy and evaluation experience to help clients use the Lunaria platform to guide organizational change.

Jerrin (He/Him)
Lead Developer

Jerrin brings his experience building customer informed software to maintain and enhance the Lunaria platform.

TL (They/them)

TL applies their background in education and facilitation to supporting clients and growing training offerings at Lunaria.

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