By LunariaAdmin / September 16, 2019

Evolving Legislation you should know when making D&I decisions.

This blog and all articles by Lunaria are meant to shed light on important legislation that might impact workplace D&I,...

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By Le-Tien Duong / September 4, 2019

Our new name: Lunaria

In Summer of 2017, SheLeads started as a small idea that hoped to make big changes. Over the past 2...

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By Le-Tien Duong / July 19, 2019

The World You Can’t See: Data from a Gendered Perspective

In a world where data underlies every decision, numbers talk. Our world is built on the questions of who, what and how many.

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By Le-Tien Duong / June 27, 2019

Is Innovation Inclusive?

Our founder Cassie joined other entrepreneurs and innovation ecosystem leaders in Ottawa for the Ontario Inclusive Innovation (i2) Action Strategy Conference.

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By LunariaAdmin / June 1, 2019

The Value in Evaluation

In our article Why Evaluate, we turned to some of the organizations we work with to understand the why behind their data collection. In this article, we are unpacking evaluation more to help you estimate the return you get from your investment in evaluation.

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By Le-Tien Duong / May 23, 2019

Why evaluate?

Evaluation is difficult. There is overall pressure to do well as an organization, desire to keep the people you serve happy, and the need to understand how it all works. We asked our organizations to define the motivation behind their evaluation and chose 5 answers to share with you.

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