Our new name: Lunaria

In Summer of 2017, SheLeads started as a small idea that hoped to make big changes. Over the past 2 years, ideas have evolved and methods have changed, but the passion to create a more diverse and inclusive world still continues to this day. Mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned and long lasting partnerships have been established. As we grow and expand our views as a result of these experiences, we want our name and image to reflect our journey.

SheLeads’ mission was to ensure gender equality in different settings. However, as time went on, we soon began to realize that the name SheLeads no longer represents our values and missions.

Introducing: Lunaria

When looking back at the work we’ve done and the progress we’ve made, we were able to consolidate all of those experiences into one word: honesty. We strive to work with organizations that make sincere efforts to create a positive impact on the world. We help our customers use evaluations to gain honest feedback from team members, students and program participants to learn how to drive their mission.

The Lunaria flower is also known as ‘honesty,’ and is indigenous to Eastern Europe. One of the most unique qualities of Lunaria is their translucent disc-like seed pods that appear in the fall or winter. These beautiful pods tend to shine like a coin, and thus are also known as ‘silver dollars’. This dual symbolism of honesty and value resonates with us. We see ourselves as being able help customers gain honest feedback and help them turn into into actionable reports to create the most value.

What’s Next

Over the last quarter we’ve been in over 17 Provinces/States and worked with groups working in technology, refugee support, youth engagement, education and more. We are excited to continue our work as Lunaria.

We are testing new product updates this fall to release to customers late this year. Our updates have added more sections to our reports to improve accessibility and increase the ways you can engage with your evaluation.

Come see us at events:

This September our Founder Cassie Myers will be speaking on a Pillar Nonprofit panel to Econous 2019 delegates about Lunaria and social impact.

We will also be at the Diversity @ Work Conference in Toronto running a workshop on leading with an Intersectional Gender Lens. The conference is brought by Skills for Change an incredible organization that provides opportunities for all people to participate in the workplace and wider community.

In October Lunaria will be working with the Association of Fundraising Professionals in a partnership to help evaluate the impact of the Women’s Impact Summit. The Summit explores the state of women in fundraising, we will be attending the Summit in Pheonix as well in October.

We are excited to see what is coming next for Lunaria and would like to thank all of our partners, supporters and customers the support.

Interested in seeing our product and exploring how it might help you drive change? Book a demo.

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