Threading DEI Through HR

“If you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude.”

— Ekaterina Walter, Forbes

Threading DEI through HR has become easier, there are software and services that help track, measure and implement best DEI practices in every part of your business. Great DEI software accompanied by proactive strategies  can transform your workplace, and help you retain and attract employees. 

Forbes conducted a survey of over 300 senior execs on everything DEI. Of those surveyed, 65% said recruitment of diverse employees was a priority, 44% said retention of diverse talent, 35% said ensuring diversity in the workplace, 29% said pipeline development of diverse talent and 28% said managing cross generational issues as being priority to their company. 

56% of the companies surveyed strongly believed that hiring and retaining diverse talent helps drive innovation. 

Deloitte conducted a similar study on the relationship between DEI and work performance. The study found when both diversity and inclusion were high in workplaces, performance increased by 80%.

The right balance between diversity, inclusion and belonging was key to increasing work performance. When there was high diversity, but low inclusion or high inclusion, but low diversity the results were never as impressive. The key to success was balance between high diversity and high inclusion to increasing work performance.

Diversity and Inclusion is a top-to-bottom business strategy – not just an HR program.

– Josh Bersin

DEI isn’t a short-term remedy. HR teams must think of how to expand the whole recruiting process and philosophy behind inclusivity and belonging. Including people from a broad set of experiences, skills and backgrounds. With the right mindset and tools HR teams can move beyond attracting & retaining certain talent to broadening the scope to new people with new experiences.

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