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Through Lunaria Learns we showcase the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) education in the form of series to share with our community. For this series, we are honoured to partner with OK2BME.

For this Lunaria Learns series, OK2BME curated 4 Lunaria Education Units on gender and sexuality. In these units, we define gender and sexual identity and why they matter, provide tips to foster an inclusive space for people of all genders and sexualities, and share tips for being a better ally to LGBTQ2+ people.

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OK2BME is a set of free, supportive services for LGBTQ2+ identified children, teens and their families in the Waterloo Region. The OK2BME program consists of three unique areas including confidential counselling services (in person, or online), OK2BME Youth Groups for individuals 12-18, as well as public education, consulting and training around LGBTQ2+ issues.

There are some ways you can support and engage with OK2BME:

  1. Donate. Your donation will be used to provide free services to LGBTQ2+ youth in need.
  2. Follow them on Twitter. Stay updated on OK2BME news, insights and tips.
  3. Shop. They sell posters and stickers to support their incredible services.