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Non-profit Impact Evaluations

How we help your business

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An evaluation strategy for your goals

Evaluation experts in your corner for your every impact evaluation need. Our intake survey helps us create an evaluations strategy that aligns with your organization goals.

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A process with proven results.

We provide clients with surveys to track your theory of change, templates to communicate with your team and complete reports to showcase progress. Common changes measured include self-esteem, assertiveness, community engagement and social-connectedness.

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Engagement for facilitator success.

We help your team get to your next evaluation goal. We run a webinar for your facilitators to understand your evaluation goals and active surveys. Our Expert Sessions are always open to review reports, present to your board or get advice on using your evaluation results.

How it works


1. We understand your needs. 
We get to know your unique evaluation goals through our intake form.

2. You're matched with a custom evaluation plan 
Based on your intake results we match you with a evaluation plan with metrics to track theory of change and evaluation frequency to match your organization capacity. We use surveys to get beneficiary feedback to track your theory of change. All clients get a dedicated URL to send to beneficiaries.

3. Complete reports
We provide detailed reports with recommendations to showcase your survey results. 

4. Expert Advice
We are in your corner every step of the way. All our plans include expert hours that can be used for any evaluation need including board presentations, report overviews and facilitator onboarding.

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Using baseline data from over 20 States and Provinces we compare your progress against leaders across North America to provide you with the best advice.

What you can expect as a result of our work

handshake heart  Improve Programs

Grow your understanding of your participants. Through impact evaluations you can understand your program impact, uncover participant needs and better cater programming to the people you serve.

hand tree plant  Attract funding

Our impact evaluations help you show funders the true return of your programming with quantitative and qualitative results.

Advocate for change

Your impact evaluations provide a snapshot of your beneficiaries life. With your results your organization is equipped to advocate for your participants rights, needs and future.

Book a meeting with one of our experts today to get feedback on your current Impact Evaluation efforts and to learn about our plans.


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