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A strategy with real returns.

Dedicated DEI experts in your corner for your every equity need. We complete a DEI audit to create a strategy that aligns with your HR and company goals.

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Tools to drive results.

Through the Lunaria Platform we provide clients with surveys to track DEI KPIs, templates to communicate with your team and powerful analytics to showcase progress.

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Education for employee success.

Lunaria Education Units help build employee capacity as your DEI initiative grows. In addition to custom units for unique employee needs, we offer Virtual Sessions for organizations looking to dive into specific topics.

Start improving DEI at your organization today. Download the first 3 weeks of our 8 week program free today.

How it works


1. We understand your needs and set a baseline to measure progress.
We get to know your unique needs through our diversity audit.

2. You're matched with a custom management plan
Based on your audit we match you with a management plan with metrics to track core KPIs and education units to develop employee capacity to reach your next DEI goal. We use pulse surveys to anonymously collect feedback from employees to feed into your KPIs.

3. Complete reports
We provide employee facing and detailed internal reports to showcase your DEI progress to your teams.

4. Expert Advice
We are in your corner every step of the way. All our plans include expert hours that can be used for any DEI need including asset creation, brainstorming and presenting your results.


Using baseline data from over 20 States and Provinces we compare your progress against leaders across North America to provide you with the best advice.

What you can expect as a result of our work

handshake heart  Increased Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are high performing employees. Our process helps address culture and employee retention concerns and provides the tools to improve.

hand tree plant  Elevated Brand

Share your DEI progress with stakeholders to attract top talent and showcase the safe space your organization creates for teams.

Support that grows with you

Experts in your corner for every DEI need, adapting as your strategy evolves.

Get expert advice

Book a meeting with one of our experts today to get feedback on your current DEI initiatives and to learn about our plans starting at $3 per employee per month.

Explore our free resources

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