Legislation impacting your DEI decisions.

This blog and all articles by Lunaria are meant to shed light on important legislation that might impact workplace DEI, but is not legal advice and should not be used in place of legal advice. 

As a black, second generation, Canadian woman, I am cognizant that it is legislation that my ancestors fought for that allow me many things in life. When I entered the workforce, these privileges included a fair wage, a safe work environment and healthcare. Now as a business owner, I am challenged to view the same legislation in a different way. I turn to legislation to understand my legal obligations as an employer, how my employees are protected, and if I consider this protection enough for my company’s most important assets.  

This is the first post of a new blog series: DEI compliance where we will explore legislation that impact diversity and inclusion. We will start at the federal level before state/provincial. Our first stop is where we call home: Canada

Text based version of infographic available here.

Diversity and Inclusion infographic

Compliance can be difficult to navigate. We are always happy to talk diversity and inclusion, email us at hello@lunariasolutions.com

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